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URAWARRIOR 365 Ways to Challenge you to a Better Life

Hello, and welcome to my URAWARRIOR treasure tips. These daily action steps, will help you find your inner warrior, and allow you to, step into your greatness. We often, see self-help books and workbooks designed to help us seek, think and reflect, but we rarely see the action steps and challenges we need to take to help us move out of a rut when we are stuck. Sometimes, we get off our path and what we need most are action steps to help us get back on track. Each day is a gift so look at it and enjoy what it has to offer. Let this book challenge you and encourage you to ask yourself the hard questions.

I went to a women’s leadership conference where Bershan was speaking in Chicago and she changed my life. She made me look at my life and my career goals in a different way. I immediately hired her and I have been working with her for a year. She saved my career.
— Jessica, Chicago
Bershan is a no nonsense coach hands down. She has pushed to where I didn’t think I could go but I’m so thankful
— Lindsay Little Rock, ARK
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