Bershan Shaw is the self love expert. Your biggest enemy is yourself, and until you figure out how to love , appreciate and respect yourself, you cannot achieve your dreams. The problem is that with all of the ups and downs of life, fighting thru those dark valleys sometimes feels impossible. I know because I am a 2-time cancer survivor and I felt so low both physically and emotionally, I didn't want to get out of bed. 

I knew the only way I would survive was to fight back and convinced myself that I needed to be a warrior to fight against cancer and to
fight for my life. It is this warrior spirit that I want to teach you, to fight for yourself, and to fight to find love for the most important person in the world--you. 

I will teach you how to love yourself and then together we will fight for what you want from your life , whether it's a loving mate, or a dream career---all of it is in your grasp when you have self-love.

The reason most of us stay stuck in a rut is because people don’t know the steps to take to move towards greatness and either we end up making the same mistakes over and over again or not make a move at all because of fear and we don’t want to hold ourselves accountable. 

The first thing you must do is forgive yourself for any mistakes, failures, challenges and mishaps that you have had in your life. They have only made you stronger. You did the best you knew how to do. Don’t beat yourself up about your past, embrace it.  It’s time to move forward. 

Next, is change your self-talk and gremlins in your head. The way we speak to ourselves is important because our spoken words become our reality. CHANGE THE WAY YOU SPEAK TO YOURSELF & IN THE UNIVERSE. Stop blaming others for your position in life. You can’t go on forever blaming your mother, father, sister, brother, friend, partner or spouse for where you are in life. You may have come from a tragic past but it doesn’t have to be your future or your NOW. Change the way you think and it will change your life. I will help teach you to focus on your mind-body connection by improving your mind and your well-being. If you don’t address the psychology of your mind, then you won’t get the results you need.

Self Love Public Speaking Coaching

Being a great speaker is not just a skill that you wake up with overnight and are good at, speaking is an art form. Now, there are some speakers who are born with a natural talent but in order to be a great speaker, you must hone your skills, be prepared, plan & execute.

I will help you craft your speech
I will help you tell a compelling story from start to finish
I will help you present a keynote with confidence and power
I will help you engage and interact with listeners
I will help you learn how to write an effective speech with any topic you want

As a speaker you must connect with your audience & open and close your speech with impact.