Love makes the world go round. 

Love makes the world go round. 

Matchmaking Services

Bershan is the Warrior Matchmaker. She comes from a background of over ten years of coaching men and women through their divorces, helping encourage their marriages, and reinventing their relationships so what better way to understand matchmaking then to be in every part of a relationship process. She specializes in interracial relationships and uses her "Trading Up" Method to get results!

Bershan encourages women and men to be a warrior in their dating life and to have courage, confidence and commitment to finding the man or woman of their dreams. 

Bershan comes at a price but with her no nonsense, modern day approach to dating and matchmaking, she is sure to help you find the right guy that you have always dreamt about. 



For the Woman

Are you looking for love and you want to stop the rat race of dating? Do you date below your standards? Are you tired of feeling like you're dating the wrong guys and it leads to a dead end? Are you ready to reinvent yourself after a horrible divorce? Do you not feel sexy and hot because you've been out of the loop for too long?


 If you answered yes to these questions then that's the reason to contact me. 


For the Man


Do you not have the time to go out and meet a woman because you're too busy? Are you tired of meeting women who are not up to your quality? Do you feel like you date, date, date and it's starting to feel like a factory? Then, contact Bershan because she has a quality service and quality clients.


"Love is just as important as your career. Make time for it."


It's a Three Step process 

1. You will get an intake form. Bershan wants to make sure you're the right fit. There is no need to waste any time. Let's set the right expectations.

2.Come in for an interview to meet the team. Bershan and her team will do an assessment to figure out what you want and if it's realistic to her services. Bershan doesn't like to lie to you. She is upfront and honest. 

3. It's time for the date. It's that simple. Bershan will connect you with her high quality, high net worth clients. She will match you up with YOUR right guy or girl. It is a process and Bershan will help you think outside of the box so that you can get what you want.



Bonus: I will see you at the alter. All I ask is for the invite Lol!!