It is very important for an individual to stand up for himself because no one else would do that for him. Bershan Shaw has been motivating people all over the globe to discover their inner warrior and fight against all the odds. She is a transformational coach and motivational speaker who has helped many people in achieving their dreams with her preaching.

She has fought a battle against stage-four breast cancer and stood up like a hero and since then, has been making people stand against all odds.  With her motivational speeches, she has motivated a lot of men and women. She provides career & coaching & dynamic relationship leadership coaching.

She advocates self-love because according to her, loving oneself is the only way to achieve greatness in relationships, work, and career. She helps leaders, entrepreneurs, CEO's, women and anyone who wants to reinvent their lives. 

Bershan is on a path of letting people know the importance of self-love and standing up for oneself in every situation. She motivates people to become confident in whatever they do and take the responsibility of making yourself happy. 

She helps people to become leaders of their life, love themselves, appreciate their deeds and respect themselves. Shaw has a website named that helps people in finding a connection, inspiration, and comfort. It moreover induces a hope of a better tomorrow in people.

Bershan Shaw helps people who find it difficult to be in their relationships. She provides coaching to people through their divorces and encouraging them with their marriages. Uncountable men and women have been coached by her to get engaged and married. 

She is specialized in providing coaching to people who have been through sufferings and pain in their life. She motivates them and invokes their broken confidence. Her book ‘URAWARRIOR 365 Ways to Challenge You to a Better Life’ helps people in healing their lives.


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