Bershan Shaw is an International Motivational Speaker who is the author of URAWARRIOR. She is a two-time breast cancer survivor who has dedicated her life to helping others in discovering their inner warrior while going through life’s most difficult situations. She believes that she is born to help other people in finding their inner warrior by against yourself because you are your biggest enemy.

She has inspired a lot of man and woman all around the world with her preaching. She is a leadership coach who inspires people to take charge of their happiness. You cannot achieve anything in your life until and unless you find how to appreciate, love and respect yourself. Our problem is that we find it an impossible fight against the odds and accept everything that is happening without fighting for the right.

Bershan Shaw is also a Warrior Matchmaker, who has been helping people in handling their divorces and encouraging marriages by reinventing their relationships. She uses her ‘Trading Up’ Method to solve issues of interracial relationships. Shaw encourages people to fight for their love like a warrior and be courageous enough to find the right man and woman to spend life with.

People take life coaching from Bershan Shaw for the encouragement and satisfaction she delivers to all. She makes people believe in themselves and stand strong in every situation. She is known to provide best life coaching to the people so they give a direction to their lives and manage to reach their goals.

She provides career coaching to women who don’t have enough courage to take stand for themselves. She shares her speeches and messages to people all over the world via businesses, institutions, leadership conferences, wellness conferences, empowerment stages and more.

The main goal of her preaching is to help people in discovering their inner warriors and know what they are best at.