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For the next 48 hours, save $200 when you commit to 6 coaching sessions with me to help take your speaking career to the next level. Only $366.66 secures your spot today! 


I’d love to help you with your speaking goals! Here are my favorite types of people to work with:

  • An accomplished, successful professional who needs to step up their game because of a high-stakes or otherwise important presentation
  • A presenter whose speaking mostly takes place in the board room, the conference room, or the breakout room
  • Someone who’s creating or remodeling your signature speech, your workshop, your webinar program, your video series, or another business-building speaking opportunity and you want teaching, support and guidance from an expert who’s been in the trenches for more than 25 years
  • A speaker who wants focused, hands-on, caring and customized guidance in order to create a powerful, engaging, meaningful and memorable presentation
  • Seeking accountability to guarantee you succeed at meeting your goals
  • Tired of procrastinating, trying to piece together presentations with no idea of what actually works, or putting in a lot of work only to receive a lukewarm response from your audience
  • Someone who loves speaking (or at least don’t hate it) and you know you have the ability and desire to make a bigger impact on your audiences and get bigger results


Not ready to commit to 6 sessions, then book a single session today!