It all begins with self-love. In fact without it is like building castles in quicksand. In fact lack or no self-love effects all other relationships in your life. I am here to assist you with finding your inner love and choosing you.

I have created this workshop in order to address this critical issue for you. We will work together on your self-love by choosing you in order to create a harmonious and joyful environment for you as it relates to all the people you encounter. This workshop will help you in dealing with friendships, workplace, family, and especially with your significant other.

I especially want the single people to pay close attention as it is imperative for you to learn how to love you before you can attract the best mate for you. This will be the best gift to yourself, so let’s get started.


We will identify healthier options to practice when dealing with family, friendship and significant other. These are relationships that you contribute to from an emotional place and you have a vested interest in making sure they are as healthy as possible.

This is the best thing I ever did for myself, I just can’t believe how invaluable this workshop has become for me and all my relationships.
— Susan Burch


We will review your situation and access where your issues lie as it relates to self-love. Identify symptoms and focus on the fix as it impacts all other relationships you encounter such as; friendship, relationship with significant other, family and workplace.

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